Testimonials From Our Ford City, Butler, Monaca, & Grove City Patients


I highly recommend. Dr. Matthew Sabo and the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center of Western Pennsylvania if you need regular foot care and / or surgery. I had surgery to repair my hammertoes and to remove a huge nunion. Both conditions were causing me a lot of pain on a daily basis. Dr. Sabo eased my fears by explaining the procedure and recovery process. He is extremely personable and he and his staff always answered any questions that I had.
-Diane R. McGinnis

The friendly and courteous staff helped me and were very knowledgeable about my foot care needs. Thanks.
-Ronald H. Gray

I feel I have been served with complete care, and also good judgment and good decisions. My doctor was honest with me and I just had to listen to Him.

I feel he is completely confident and with good judgment. I received complete great care, and I truly appreciate all that the staff and doctor Sabo has done for me. Thank you again
- Kathleen B. Kiger

"I don't know how to act the first time in probable 30 Years my feet are pain-free. Thank you. It's Amazing."
- M.P. McDonald

"I am very pleased with my care at the Foot & Ankle Wellness Center. I didn't have to wait months to get an appointment either The staff are pleasant and caring, and the Doctors are also pleasant & professional, listening to what you have to say, so they are providing the treatment plan that is best for me. I would highly recommend the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center."
- Dale Craig

"Dr. Sabo and his staff knows what they're doing, when it comes to taking care of your feet. If it wasn't for Dr. Sabo and his staff, I would have lost my whole leg or possibly my life."
- Suzanne Zemko

"I want to thank Dr. Baydown for sending me to Dr. Sabo and his staff. You have helped me so much.
You asked me how the shoes and orthotics felt and I said "wonderful" I can walk without limping and I'm back to dancing 3 nights a week and dancing all the dances I want. Thanks!"
- Darlence C. Neil

"Doctor Matthew J. Sabo, DPM FACFAS has been my Dr. for many years, and I hope for many more. He is so wonderful to all his patients. He would do anything for his patients beyond what a Dr. does. He takes the time to listen, which is rare in most Doctors. I would recommend him to my friends and family, which I already have."
- Shirley A. Greenawalt

"I can't say enough "good" about Dr. M Sabo. I would have lost a leg from poor circulation, had Dr. Sabo not been alert. Also thanks to the help - Sandy, Wendy, & Kathy. Thanks again."  
- Josce Wingard

"Complete satisfaction, good follow-up, nice office personal, very helpful."
- Patricia J. Bowser

"I had trouble walking. My foot hurt like a tooth ache day and night. A bunion left untreated for years caused abnormalities in two other toes. My wife heard good things about Dr. Sabo. I’ve had numerous encounters with doctors having numerous surgeries. I can say without reservation my experience and treatment by Dr. Sabo was the very best. Dr. Sabo’s professionalism, surgical skills and overall demeanor was, to say the least, excellent. My questions and concerns were answered in common words, not medical jargon. My surgery and what to expect afterward was fully explained. My office visits were without waiting. The staff treated me with respect and I was made to feel special. I recommend Dr. Sabo to anyone in need of his expert knowledge and professional skills. I now walk pain-free. I thank God for Dr. Sabo and his excellent staff. God bless them.

p.s. Thank you."
- Michael Kiger


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